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Mediation is the modern solution to private, affordable divorce

If there were only two words that the average person would likely choose to describe divorce, they could very well be “messy” and “expensive.” “Messy” would describe the emotional fallout of divorce, as well as the process of splitting up. Couples who are otherwise perfectly rational and considerate people can become very contentious during divorce, fighting over every single decision.

“Expensive” refers both to the effect of splitting what you own with your spouse and the price you pay for the divorce itself. By the end of the court proceedings, you could find yourself having spent an average of $15,000 in the litigation of the divorce. More and more couples are looking for ways to minimize the headache of modern divorce by keeping the cost and the contention as low as possible. Filing an uncontested divorce is an ideal way to streamline the process.

However, filing an uncontested divorce isn’t always easy, as couples frequently don’t agree on terms even if they want to keep the divorce amicable. Mediation can be a viable solution for couples hoping to end their marriage without spending a lot of time and money in court.

Mediation gives you a private space to set your own terms

When you go to court, everything you and your spouse say becomes a matter of public record. In addition to your lawyers and family members or friends witnessing what happens in the courtroom, it’s possible for people to obtain court records that include transcriptions of your hearings in court.

Given that many people share very personal things in divorce proceedings, the potential for others to access that information is unpleasant at best. Mediation happens in a private setting with just you, your ex, your attorneys and a mediator. What happens in mediation is typically confidential, which protects your privacy.

You also have much more control over the outcome and mediation. Instead of explaining your feelings and circumstances to a judge and then waiting for their decisions on custody and asset division, you can negotiate with your ex directly to set terms that you have control over.

Successful mediation leads to a faster and cheaper divorce

You have to pay for the court’s time during every hearing that you attend. There will also be the dual cost of your individual attorneys. The longer it takes you and your ex to make your individual cases in the divorce proceedings, the more costly your divorce becomes.

While mediation represents an additional expense, it also creates an opportunity to reduce the overall cost for your divorce. If you are able to set successful terms and execute an agreement, you and your ex can file for an uncontested divorce. That will minimize court time and costs and allow you to focus on your future instead of your past.