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Make communication easier during divorce

If you and your spouse are like most couples, you probably aren’t communicating at your best by the time you decide to divorce. So, how on earth are you supposed to handle all of the delicate negotiations that are necessary now?

Well, technology may come to your rescue if you’re willing to give it a shot.

It’s hardly surprising that even divorce is getting a boost from technology these days given that tech is interwoven so deeply in American lives. Here are some places you can turn for assistance, and why you may want to:


One of the most complicated parts of divorce is the process of gathering up all of the paperwork associated with the household finances and assets and making sure that everybody is working with the same information. Dtour.Life is a platform that can be used by divorcing spouses (and their respective lawyers, if they’re so inclined) to get all of those pieces of paper gathered in one spot.


Do you get frustrated when something you write in an electronic message to your soon-to-be ex gets taken the wrong way? It happens often when people are “tone deaf” to the way that their written words can be taken by another party. The Our Family Wizard app, which has gained recognition in courts all around the country for its usefulness when navigating difficult pre-divorce and post-divorce issues, has the ToneMeter. This feature can help you see in advance how your messages are likely to be interpreted and how you can defuse the message.

There are many ways to make the divorce process easier on yourself. Start by discussing all of your options carefully with an experienced attorney.