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Livonia, MI
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For almost 80 years, Creighton, McLean & Shea, PLC has fought for Livonia, Michigan's citizens with reliable legal services, including criminal defense, family law, and business law. We've always maintained our values while evolving as the legal landscape changed. Despite culture shifts changing local, state, and federal laws, our attorneys in Livonia continued to assist residents and business owners when needed.

Proven Criminal Defense Attorneys Livonia

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, especially in Oakland County. At Creighton, McLean & Shea, PLC, we provide the necessary guidance and support to navigate through these challenging times. Our experienced attorneys address your questions and alleviate your anxieties, ensuring you feel supported.

With years of experience and a profound knowledge of the legal landscape, we represent clients by vigorously defending them against various criminal accusations. Our law office advocates for your rights and explores every avenue to secure the most favorable outcome possible. Rely on our trusted law group to uphold your freedom within the criminal justice system.

The Values That Guide Our Work
Every Day

Family Law Attorney in Livonia, MI | Creighton McLean & Shea PLC - excellence

We take an ethical approach to the practice of law and our professionalism.

Family Law Attorney in Livonia, MI | Creighton McLean & Shea PLC - encouragement

We work together to foster the best work from each member of our team

Family Law Attorney in Livonia, MI | Creighton McLean & Shea PLC - service

We are proud of our reputation for seeking the best available outcome for every client we serve.

Family Law Attorney in Livonia, MI | Creighton McLean & Shea PLC - community

We strive to be reliable leaders in our community who are deeply involved in and committed to Livonia.

Law firm in Livonia, MI

Livonia's Family Law Attorneys Fighting for You

Our esteemed family lawyers offer comprehensive legal support through challenging family law issues, ensuring your rights and interests are represented. With a proactive approach, we handle even the most intricate family law cases in Michigan, spanning divorce, child custody, spousal support, and real estate and property division. Thanks to our team of litigators, we reach amicable dispute resolution whenever feasible.

Nevertheless, we stand ready to fiercely advocate for you in court when required, diligently pursuing the most favorable outcomes on your behalf. For assistance with Michigan family law matters, trust Creighton, McLean & Shea, PLC to provide legal advocacy for your case.

Estate Probate Attorneys Protecting Your Loved One's Assets

If you're managing the affairs of a recently departed loved one, our estate probate attorneys can provide guidance every step of the way. From fulfilling your legal obligations to ensuring the accurate completion of essential paperwork, our support is tailored to your circumstances, including appearances in probate court.

Our expertise spans various facets, including trust assets, beneficiaries, retirement accounts, and investment accounts. In unfortunate instances of contested will disputes or other litigation matters, rest assured we stand ready to defend your rights and strive toward a resolution. As our client, you can count on our compassionate assistance during this challenging period. Whether you're a beneficiary, trustee, or any party involved in the process, our legal team helps you navigate the estate settlement process and honor the memory of your loved one.

Practicing Law Across the Legal Spectrum

At our legal practice, we address many legal matters to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. From drafting wills and trusts to handling circuit court cases, we offer comprehensive legal support to individuals and businesses. Our representation extends to various fields, including:

If you're grappling with a legal issue, don't hesitate to contact Livonia's most experienced law firm today. We are dedicated to fighting for you and your interests while protecting your rights and freedom.

Why Choose Creighton, McLean, & Shea?

  • Experienced Attorneys: Our legal team brings years of experience and a deep understanding of the law to every case.
  • Personalized Approach: We recognize that every legal situation is unique, and we tailor our strategies to meet your specific needs.
  • Client-Centered Focus: Your satisfaction and success are our priorities. We communicate openly and keep you informed throughout the legal process.
  • Proven Results: Our track record of successful case outcomes speaks to our dedication and effectiveness in the legal field.

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Since 1945, Creighton, McLean & Shea, PLC has protected the rights and interests of Livonia's residents. Throughout the years, we have maintained our values while evolving to meet the needs of our clients in today's complicated legal landscape. Encompassing a wide range of practice areas, from criminal defense to family law, we stand ready to serve Livonia whenever legal expertise is required. Contact us today for a free legal consultation.

Livonia, MI Law Firm FAQs

Can I Contest a Will or Trust if I Believe It Doesn’t Accurately Represent the Intentions of the Deceased?
You can contest a will or trust if you believe it doesn't accurately represent the deceased's intentions, citing grounds such as lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud, mistake, or revocation. This typically involves filing a legal challenge in probate court and providing evidence to support your claim. Consulting with our experienced attorneys specializing in probate and trust litigation is crucial to navigating the process effectively.
What Steps Should I Take to Protect My Intellectual Property Rights as a Business Owner?

Start by identifying and documenting all intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Consider registering your intellectual property with the appropriate government agencies to establish legal protection. Implement confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements to protect trade secrets and confidential information.

Monitor for any potential infringement of your intellectual property rights and take legal action if necessary. Finally, educate your employees about the importance of intellectual property protection and ensure that your business practices comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Should I Speak to the Police or Investigators Without a Lawyer Present?
Never speak to the police or investigators without a lawyer present. Speaking without legal representation can harm your case, as anything you say could be used against you. It's your constitutional right to have legal counsel present during questioning to protect your rights and help you navigate the legal process effectively.
How Is Child Custody Determined & What Factors Do Courts Consider?
Child custody is determined by what is in the child's best interests. Factors considered include the child's age, physical and emotional needs, the ability of each parent to provide a stable environment, the relationship between the child and each parent, any history of abuse or neglect, the child's preference if they are old enough to express it, and the parent's ability to cooperate and communicate effectively in matters concerning the child. Ultimately, courts aim to make decisions that promote the child's well-being and welfare.
What Are the Responsibilities of an Executor or Personal Representative During Probate?

The executor or personal representative in probate is in charge of starting the probate process. They must locate and manage the deceased person's assets and pay any debts and taxes the estate owes. The executor must distribute assets to beneficiaries as outlined in the will or by state law if there is no will.

Additionally, they are responsible for reporting all estate transactions to the court and beneficiaries. Finally, the executor must ensure that all legal rules are followed during probate. Executors or personal representatives have a fiduciary duty to act in the estate's and its beneficiaries' best interests.

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