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Woman allegedly committing DUI stopped by citizens, arrested

Because drivers who operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs can cause significant damage, Michigan law enforcement is constantly watching for the telltale signs of DUI. Even locals are vigilant about this issue. When there is an arrest for DUI and it was spurred by people who witnessed a driver behaving erratically or law enforcement initiated it, it is important to understand the law and how to formulate a viable defense against the charges.

Alleged drunk driver blocked by locals until police arrive

A woman was arrested for DUI after local people pinned her vehicle in after she was seen behaving in a way that made it appear as if she was intoxicated. The 20-year-old was said to have been speeding and swerving. People who live in the neighborhood came outside. One resident saw the vehicle and got into her own car to follow. She and another driver pinned the alleged drunk driver in until law enforcement arrived. When the alleged DUI driver exited her vehicle, she stumbled. Police arrived and tested her to see if she had alcohol in her system and she registered a .2 which is more than double the legal limit of .08. She was arrested. It is her second DUI arrest.

Understand the potential consequences for a DUI conviction

People generally realize that if they are charged and convicted for DUI, there can be legal consequences. That may include jail time, a driver’s license suspension and fines. There are other potential penalties they might not think about, but can cause extensive problems in their lives in the short and long term. That may include paying more for insurance and having the negative impact of a DUI on the record that could hinder future endeavors. Crafting a strong defense is imperative in any circumstance, but it is especially vital when there was a previous charge as the penalties may be worse.

Determine a strategy for a strong DUI defense

In this case, the woman was not stopped by law enforcement, but by citizens. This could be considered in the context of how the evidence was gathered and perhaps there is an avenue of defense that could be effective. The breath test machine could have been faulty, the officers might not have adhered strictly to necessary protocol or there may be a viable explanation as to why the woman appeared to be under the influence. Consulting with experienced professionals who understand DUI and criminal defense may help with a case.