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What to consider when filing for divorce in Michigan

When you’re filing for divorce, doing what’s best for your children is always one of your biggest priorities. You’re focused on fighting for custody, negotiating for child support and making sure your child can enjoy a high standard of living. But during this process, many people forget one important factor: figuring out how to pay for a child’s education.

Who pays for your child’s education?

Even before they reach college, your child’s education can be expensive. You might be sending them to public school, but you still have to buy school supplies, pay fees, buy their lunches and deal with other miscellaneous costs. If your child is going to private school, you might find it impossible to handle those expenses alone. Private schools can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.

During the divorce proceedings, it’s important to figure out who pays for your child’s education. If your spouse has significantly more money than you, you might request that they pay for the bulk of the expenses. If you have similar income levels, you might agree to split the charges. Whatever the case, it’s important to come to an agreement so that your child doesn’t have to switch schools in the middle of the school year.

Can an attorney help you negotiate during a divorce?

While a family law attorney might represent you in court, they may also help you during the negotiation process. Your attorney may act as a mediator who helps keep the discussions civil.

Additionally, your attorney may point out various fees and expenses involved in raising your child and help you figure out who’s going to pay your child’s bills. An attorney’s negotiations might help you save money while still providing for your child. An attorney might also help you keep the divorce process out of court to prevent a long, emotionally draining court battle.