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Technology makes staying connected easier for kids of divorce

One of the biggest concerns divorcing parents have is how to maintain their relationships with their children once the divorce is over — especially if there’s a conflict with the other parent. Technology can make a world of difference.

According to new research, texting and social media can provide an invaluable source of parental contact and nurturing for the children of divorced parents. The benefits are there whether or not the parents get along.

This news is upending long-held notions of what is most important when it comes to maintaining parent-child bonds. Prior to this study, psychologists believed that the relationship between a divorced couple could make or break the relationship between the children and the non-custodial parent.

Now, psychologists are saying that what really matters is how often non-custodial parents stay in touch with their children. Face-to-face visits are important, to be certain, but regular communication over text or through online forums like Facebook can help parents stay in touch with a child’s daily life. In addition, electronic communication directly with the child often circumvents issues that can come into play when one parent wants to act like a “gatekeeper” to the other.

This is great news for parents who find that circumstances have put them at a physical distance from their children. For example, if a custodial parent is permitted to relocate with a child, the non-custodial parent can use this recent study to ask the court to order extensive texting privileges, video chats and other forms of electronic communication between actual visits with the child.

If you’re looking for ways to creatively handle a custody situation, you can’t overlook the value of modern technology. An attorney can help you craft a custody plan that allows for its use.