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Staying safe on the road this autumn

Drivers in Michigan should be aware that roads are more dangerous during the fall months than at other times of the year. For example, drivers are more than three times as likely to hit an animal on the road in November than in any other month. Because of the increased number of hazards, it’s wise for drivers to take additional precautions on the road during autumn.

Naturally occurring hazards

Autumn is a season of change. In many places, animals like deer are migrating. It also gets dark earlier during the autumn months. This can mean that it’s harder to see hazards on the road. In fact, over half of accident fatalities on the road happen at night.

The fall season usually means an uptick in precipitation, too. Wet roads can mean less traction for tires, especially if they are over- or underinflated. This can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Road conditions can also be complicated by any leaves on the ground. Leaves are slippery and can block the drains on city streets, creating large puddles. This can lead to hydroplaning where the front wheels of a car lose contact with the road.

Luckily, there are steps that drivers can take to reduce the likelihood of an accident. The first is just to be aware of the risks. It’s essential to perform proper auto maintenance. In addition, drivers should remember to stay calm in the event the car starts to hydroplane or if they hit an animal. Drivers should avoid using high beams in the rain or when other drivers are approaching because it can actually make visibility worse.

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