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Distracted driving is becoming more prevalent among teens

Distracted driving is clearly becoming a serious problem in the U.S., and Michigan is no different from other states in this matter. Teenagers are involved in a significant portion of all accidents, and studies have shown that active cellphones are material factors in a remarkably high number of cases. In addition, many cases even show that texting was occurring at the time of a mishap as well. And, until Michigan gets tougher on the practice, it will continue, and especially among teens.

Minimal punishment

One of the major problems with distracted driving in Michigan is that some motorists are actually allowed to use cell phones while in transit even though it is a known fact that this activity is indeed distracted driving that has caused many deaths on the highways. The Michigan legislature did take the step of setting a fine for texting by lower level licensed drivers with a maximum of $200 and no impact on the driving record. Other state legislatures have taken similar action, but there is no indication this is an effective deterrent. According to details regarding personal injury cases involving teens nationwide, the practice is not stopping in any great number.

Distractions other than technology

We do assuredly live in the technology age, and teens of today are locked into their devices, but the traditional distractions of eating and drinking while driving are still clearly in vogue. Listening to audio gear at high volume is also still very common. This is as true for adult drivers as for younger motorists. And many still eat and drink during rush hours when trying to do breakfast while commuting to work. And of course, doing makeup while driving is another age-old distraction practice that still continues.

Michigan personal injury attorneys want all teens to be aware that the most important priority while driving is paying strict attention to the highway and other motorists around them at all times. Distracted driving is a very dangerous practice that should be avoided, and taking a nonchalant attitude while behind the wheel is not just bad driving practice. It can be deadly as well.