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Carjacking suspect crashes violently after high-speed chase

On April 1, 2020, a carjacking suspect led police on a wild 100mph chase before violently crashing in Sterling Heights.  Inside the vehicle were the driver and a passenger, both wanted for several other armed carjacking incidents that had already taken place in Detroit and Eastpointe.

The driver is reported to have lost control of the vehicle when approaching Dodge Park, where he struck a curb and rolled over multiple times. The condition of the occupants is unknowns, though both were alive and taken into police custody.  The chase is said to have involved multiple departments and reached speeds of 115mph at times.

Carjacking is considered a very serious felony in the state of Michigan with long-standing consequences. Penalties can include steep fines, incarceration, and a lifelong criminal record with the loss of voting and gun rights as a convicted felon.  In addition, carjacking has the potential of aggravating factors, which can increase these penalties.  Habitual offenders will face higher fines and longer incarcerations. If others, such as innocent bystanders, are injured while the crime is being committed, additional charges could also be imposed. These could lead to not only additional criminal charges, but also civil claims such as wrongful death by the injured or family of the deceased.

An experienced attorney who is familiar with your county prosecutors is important when negotiating a reduced sentence. It is important that anyone facing a charge of this magnitude not go into a courtroom alone. Consult with legal counsel as soon as you are made aware of a carjacking charge to preserve your best chance of lesser jail time.