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Property Report Scam

Some of our clients have received notices on official-looking letterhead, offering to provide them with copies of certain property records for a “reasonable fee,” typically $89.00. These letters offer to send you records of the “Official Deed” to your house… 

or other property, along with “Property Assessment Report” or some other official-sounding record.There is nothing illegal about this offer; it is not technically a scam, because they will provide you with those records. But they make it sound like this is something you should have; it is not. If you want any information about the assessed value, taxable value, tax payment record, or anything else about your house, you can get it from your city’s assessor’s office, and usually you can get it on line. But generally, you do not need this information, and there is certainly no need to send anybody $89.00 for publicly available information that you do not need.