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New Law Streamlines Handgun Licenses

A new law signed earlier this year took effect December 1, 2015, streamlining the process to obtain a concealed pistol license (CPL) in Michigan The law eliminates the county gun boards and put the responsibility for issuing concealed pistol licenses… 

on the county clerk. It also reduces the maximum allowed processing time from 8 weeks to 45 days. It does not change the requirements for obtaining the CPL, which include a background check and an eight-hour CPL course.In the past, county gun boards would evaluate each application and use their discretion on whether to issue a CPL. Generally, you would have to demonstrate that you had a need to carry a handgun. The law no longer requires you to have a reason, but some gun boards were still withholding licenses from applicants who met the qualifications. This new law eliminates the gun boards entirely, and makes it clear that a license shall be issued to an applicant who passes the background check and completes the CPL course.