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Basic information about probate in Michigan

Probate is one of those terms that people hear a lot but do not have a good understanding of what it means. In the simplest language possible, probate is a legal process in which a deceased person's estate is settled, meaning that the assets are distributed and the debts are paid. These tasks typically fall to the executor named in the decedent's will. While this sounds pretty easy, probate can be quite complicated in many cases.

To help our readers in Michigan develop a better understanding of what goes on during probate, we have put together the following basic information. Although this information can help, we still urge residents to seek legal representation or advice before attempting to handle the probate process alone.

  • The executor gathers the deceased person's probate property.
  • He or she also collects any income and assets owed to the decedent.
  • The next step involves paying all the estate's taxes and debts.
  • If all has gone well, one of the last steps in probate is transferring the decedent's remaining assets to his or her heirs.

Why should I mediate my child custody dispute?

The thought of not being able to spend a single day with one's child could elicit a strong, defensive reaction from a parent. Nevertheless, that's a reality divorcing parents may have to face. In fact, some parents might have to spend more than a week between visits with his or her children.

Because of the strong emotional ties parents have with their children, a child custody dispute can turn contentious in a heartbeat -- and this is where mediation can help. Through the use of a skilled child custody mediator, parents have a better chance of resolving important issues quickly, peacefully and cost-effectively.

Estate plans often require changes

There are two mistakes that people often make with estate planning. The first is that they do their planning and then forget about it, assuming they are set forever. The second is that they don't do it at all because they can't figure out every last detail, like what assets should go to their children or who to pick as the executor.

In both cases, there is one key thing to remember: Estate planning changes. It's flexible. It's an ongoing process that may require multiple discussions with your family.

Does your child’s other parent respect your custody time?

It is rarely easy to transition from raising your child with their other parent to raising the child separately and sharing custody time. Parents who want the best for their child may still treat the other parent unfairly, either out of ignorance or plain resentment. While this type of bad behavior may seem understandable, it is still unacceptable, especially if the behavior of one parent takes away from the court ordered time that the other parent spends with their child or undermines the parent-child relationship.

When one parent's actions obstruct the other parent's relationship with their child, it is usually parenting time interference. Courts take this matter very seriously, especially if it violates the parenting agreement and custody order that the court approved.

Almost $100,000 behind in child support, Detroit man arrested

A prominent Detroit developer and businessman has been charged with a felony for his failure to pay nearly $100,000 in back child support.

The man, 66, has accumulated a child-support debt of $99,535.91 over the past eight years, according to the state. The amount due covers one child.

Which type of mediation is right for your divorce?

Divorce mediation is, in many ways, a kinder, gentler way to divorce. Mediation is much more cost-effective and efficient than a trial, and it fosters statistically better outcomes full of self-satisfaction and personal ownership.

There are actually several different types of mediation, though, and picking the right one for your particular situation might impact the outcome of your divorce.

Patient Advocate Designation for College Students

Are your children going back to college? Good for them. This is the time for them to grow in their education, independence, and maturity. Time for them to learn to take care of themselves. Do they need a Patient Advocate Designation?

2017 road statistics shows dangerous trends despite improvement

Recently, the Department of Transportation held a teleconference to discuss the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System data. The big news that came out of it is that roadway fatalities went down by nearly 2 percent between 2016 and 2017. This is a result of many dangerous road behaviors such as speeding, lacking a seat belt or not watching out for motorcycles having an overall decrease in deaths.

While that does mean some efforts to increase motor vehicle safety are working, not all areas have improved. With how important the auto industry is in Michigan, drivers should know which accidents worsened last year so they can reduce the risks in the upcoming years.

Studies show children of divorce less likely to get a degree

Michigan divorcees have plenty to worry about in the immediate future after a divorce. They must think about where they want to go, how much time they should spend with the children or if they need a new job. Once most of that has settled, even bigger concerns come towards planning for their far future. Retirement may be more down the line, but you realize it will not be long before your son goes to Michigan State.

Recent studies state that children of divorced parents are less likely to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in college. Given the financial and emotional fallout of the divorce, a child may not be able to afford to study at a university or may feel less obligated to do so. It is important to evaluate these statistics to help find a potential solution towards planning for your child’s educational future.

Signs that it's time to divorce

We all know when we're ready to live a life that's free of a burdensome relationship. Nevertheless, many of us will try to stick through the hard times and endure a situation that's just plain wrong. If you're experiencing something like this, you know who you are.

There are many reasons to divorce, and by all means, simply having the desire to get a divorce is reason enough. However, if you're currently facing one of the following problematic relationship challenges, your decision to divorce should be immediate:


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