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Could a sunset clause make a prenup more palatable?

It's not uncommon to dread the mere idea of bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. It isn't exactly the most romantic topic in the world, is it? Plus, there's always the possibility that your intended will react badly to the whole idea. After all, who wants to be bound to what could amount to a lifetime contract?

Well, consider bringing up the idea of a prenup with a "sunset" clause and see how your future spouse feels about that instead. That might ease tensions and convince your sweetheart that a prenup isn't such a bad idea.

Thinking about contesting a will? Here's what to expect

Your close relative dies and you expect to inherit a considerable portion of their estate -- only to find out that you were recently cut out of the will. You have a sneaking suspicion that your relative was being heavily influenced by the new beneficiary of that will. You're understandably upset and angry.

But, what can you do about it? Can you contest the will? Is it possible to halt the probate process and demand that a court look into things? Can you win back what should rightfully be yours?Maybe. It's entirely possible that you're right and your relative was unduly influenced by the new inheritor. It's also possible -- especially with experienced legal assistance -- that you'll win a fight over the will.

Check your franchise paperwork carefully before you sign

For those hoping to make a steady stream of income quickly with a business, franchises offer an incredible opportunity. Most small businesses take quite some time to begin turning profit. Even larger businesses with private investors and start-up capital struggle at first.

One of the best ways to avoid the long gap between opening your doors and turning a profit is to join a business that is already successful. Operating a franchise means opening a known and respected brand operation in your town. A franchise offers immediate recognition from potential customers. It also often typically includes directions for everything from product creation and customer service to employee wardrobe and the furnishing of the facility.

Technology makes staying connected easier for kids of divorce

One of the biggest concerns divorcing parents have is how to maintain their relationships with their children once the divorce is over -- especially if there's a conflict with the other parent. Technology can make a world of difference.

According to new research, texting and social media can provide an invaluable source of parental contact and nurturing for the children of divorced parents. The benefits are there whether or not the parents get along.

Parental abduction of a child: What you need to know

Every year, more than 200,000 children are abducted by a family member. Usually, the abductor is the non-custodial parent. However, grandparents and other relatives can also be involved.

Fortunately, knowledge and a little bit of planning can help keep your child safe. Parents who abduct their own children seldom act out of the blue. There are measures you can take that will reduce the chances that your child will be abducted by their other parent.

What's a Ladybird deed?

A Ladybird deed is a method of estate planning that can help you qualify for long-term nursing care through Medicaid and avoid probate. Also known as an "enhanced life estate deed," the Ladybird deed is not well-known -- or well-understood.

Named after Lady Bird Johnson (as you probably guessed), this particular estate-planning tool is only available in three states: Texas, Florida and Michigan. A Ladybird deed has significant advantages that are worth considering.

The myth of 'happily ever after'

All kinds of fairy tales end with a young couple in love and a line that goes, "And they lived happily ever after." For the most part, research indicates that marriage does bring a lot of benefits.

However, psychologists say that researchers may not be taking in the whole picture. Marriage may make people "happily ever after" only if they're already inclined to be happy in the first place -- and nothing too serious comes along to disrupt the union.

The way you ask for a divorce can impact your future

If you're at the point where divorce is the only answer to your marital problems, you'll want nothing more than to start the process. While it's okay to move things in the right direction, you must be careful of how you ask your spouse for a divorce.

If you take the right approach, it can ease the tension and allow you to move forward in a more efficient manner.

New Year's resolutions about estate planning you should make

Are you still looking for a New Year's resolution worth keeping? If so, it might be time to put your estate plan in place.

No matter what your age or wealth, experts say that it's important to have a basic estate plan. Aside from a will, this includes:


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