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Real Estate Law – Purchase/Sale/Leases

The residential and commercial real estate market is anything but static, as market advantages invariably switch back and forth between buyer and seller. However, there is one element of the commercial and residential real estate market that always remains constant — the prevalence of legal disputes.

Creighton McLean & Shea PLC represents clients in residential and commercial real estate disputes in Livonia, Plymouth, Canton, Westland and other cities throughout Southeast Michigan.

Residential and commercial real estate disputes arise from title issues, boundary disputes and failures to disclose material defects during the sales process. No matter how detailed parties make rental lease agreements, property purchase agreements or contracts for deed, these agreements are always the subject of potential litigation.

If you feel the other party to a residential or commercial real estate transaction misrepresented themselves when signing the contract, or has otherwise not fulfilled the terms of the contract, you may be entitled to damages. Sellers sometimes do not disclose problems with the property, home or business building, while buyers do not always make the required payments to a lease, purchase agreement or contract for deed.

Arbitration is always an option if there is a provision in the residential or commercial real estate contract, or if both sides are willing to come together and resolve the matter outside of the courtroom. Our firm is more than willing to pursue your legal matter in this forum.

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