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Working through any family law matter can be a complex and emotional experience. The laws that govern these cases seem to be in a constant state of change, and keeping up with the current rules can be quite difficult. No matter what type of issue you may be facing, be sure to seek the advice of a qualified family law attorney who has the ability to protect your interests.

At Creighton McLean & Shea PLC in Livonia, Michigan, our lawyers are known for resolving complex family law matters and obtaining positive results for our clients. We know that our clients are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives in these cases, and we are happy to take the burden of the legal issues off their shoulders. Our only concern is to put them in the best possible situation as they begin to move forward with their lives.

Ready To Help When You Need It Most

Our extensive experience representing men and women in all aspects of Michigan family law cases allows us to be much more proactive in the process of resolving even the most complex and contentious family law disputes. Our goal is always to resolve your case in the most stress-free manner possible, and we work hard to resolve all disputes without the need to go to court. We are skilled litigators, however, and we will not hesitate to present your case to a judge in our efforts to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.

We are prepared to represent you in any family law matter, including:

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Regardless of the type of family law issue you are facing, it is important that you have strong legal representation behind you from the start. Please call our Livonia office to discuss your family law needs with one of our attorneys. You can reach us by phone at 734-245-9289 or contact us via email to arrange an initial consultation.