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If you have a past traffic violation, it’s likely you have felt the negative impact of higher insurance costs or maybe even lost job opportunities.

Clearing your driving record has benefits. Michigan law sets a point value to traffic violations. After a driver is found guilty of a moving violation, the department of motor vehicles places points on his or her driving record. Insurance companies often charge more based on an increase in points on a driver’s license. If you can get those points reduced, it could mean a reduced cost in insurance. If you have a commercial driver’s license, an increase in points could prevent you from obtaining or maintaining employment.

If you have tried to determine through your own research how to clear your driving record, you likely have realized the laws are quite complicated. To put you in the best possible position for a clear driver’s license record, our lawyers in Livonia are here to help.

Understanding DMV Records Versus Criminal Records

Traffic violations can range from a minor speeding ticket to more serious matters that the courts consider criminal offenses. Those found guilty could be ordered to pay a fine or spend time in prison, depending on the circumstances. Like the penalties, each has a different criteria to determine whether you can have points removed from your driving record or if you are eligible for an expungement of your criminal record.

  • Driver’s license records: The state department of motor vehicles is responsible for your driver’s license record of infractions.
  • Criminal records: If any of those infractions resulted in criminal charges, the courts in Wayne County or the county where the incident happened will make a decision on expungement.

Get Answers To Your Expungement Questions

If you have questions about driver’s license expungement, call Creighton McLean & Shea PLC today to discuss your case with our attorneys in Livonia. Our phone number is 734-245-9289. You may also contact us via email to schedule an initial consultation.