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New Year’s resolutions about estate planning you should make

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Are you still looking for a New Year’s resolution worth keeping? If so, it might be time to put your estate plan in place.

No matter what your age or wealth, experts say that it’s important to have a basic estate plan. Aside from a will, this includes:

1. Durable powers of attorney

A durable power of attorney for your property and finances is important in case you are suddenly incapacitated and unable to handle your bills. Most people assume that a family member will step in and handle their affairs for them. However, the days when that could be accomplished easily and informally are long gone. Depending on your age, a spouse, parent or child can step in and handle your bills and money — but only if they have the proper paperwork.

A durable power of health care (coupled with a living will, if appropriate) makes it possible for someone you trust to make medical decisions for you when you can’t make them yourself. Even if you’re young and healthy, you could fall victim to a sudden illness, infection or car accident that leaves you unable to communicate your wishes. Make sure that someone else can do the talking for you!

2. A digital estate plan

How much of your life is online? These days, social media accounts, photo storage, email accounts, bank and investment accounts and more require passwords. Would anyone in your family know how to access those accounts for you if you can’t access them yourself?

If you were to suddenly die, a digital estate plan will control what happens to your online accounts — which can be very important to your survivors. It can also give someone access to photos you’ve stored in the digital cloud, important documents and more.

Don’t let another year slip away without taking control of your future. This is one resolution you need to keep. Contact our office for help with all your estate planning needs.


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