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Signs that it’s time to divorce

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We all know when we’re ready to live a life that’s free of a burdensome relationship. Nevertheless, many of us will try to stick through the hard times and endure a situation that’s just plain wrong. If you’re experiencing something like this, you know who you are.

There are many reasons to divorce, and by all means, simply having the desire to get a divorce is reason enough. However, if you’re currently facing one of the following problematic relationship challenges, your decision to divorce should be immediate:

1. Your spouse refuses to resolve his or her addiction problems

There are so many kinds of addictions. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, spending money, you name it, and we can probably get addicted to it. If your spouse’s addiction is creating a toxic environment for you or causing you harm, but your spouse refuses to change, your decision to divorce should be quick and immediate.

2. Your spouse has been unfaithful

When we agree to get married, we agree to monogamy. Sure, there are some exceptions to this rule and there are different kinds of relationships, but by and large, we should be able to expect our spouses to be faithful. If your spouse was unfaithful to you, and you have a problem with it, there’s no reason you should feel the need to stay with him or her.

3. Your spouse is a dead weight

There are some relationships in which one spouse thinks the other spouse lives to work and provide for him or her. If your spouse isn’t pulling an equal weight in the relationship, you might want to consider dropping the dead weight.

Is it time for you to get a divorce?

There are so many obvious reasons why someone should divorce. For example, if a spouse is physically or verbally abusing you, the divorce decision should be easy. Nevertheless, due to our human senses of obligation, compassion and love, we stay in toxic relationships much longer than we should.

If you’re contemplating divorce, but you can’t decide whether it’s time, consider speaking with a professional counselor and learn about what’s involved in the divorce process. This will help you know for sure if it’s the right time to end your marriage.


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